New Black★Rock Shooter mobile game has been announced!


Today, December 26th, is the 14th anniversary of Black Rock Shooter.
To celebrate, a new game project for the franchise is being launched! The title is "BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER FRAGMENT".

Today the teaser visual for the project was released, along with the official website and Twitter being opened to the public.

It will be a game for smartphones, developed by G2 Studios and published by Good Smile Company.
It is scheduled to release in fall of 2022.
The story will take place in "another world" that is not related to the world in the new Dawn Fall series.

Please look forward to updates in the future.

Based on: Black Rock Shooter
Main Scenario/Setting: Ichiro Sakaki / Okina Kamino
Design Supervisor: huke
Teaser Visual: Rui Tomono
Logo Design: Hiroto Sugawara
Distribution: Good Smile Company
Development and Operation: G2 Studios

Title name: Black Rock Shooter FRAGMENT
Compatible OS: iOS / Android
Release time: Fall 2022 (planned)
Official site:
Official Twitter:
Portal site:
Copyright: © Black Rock Shooter

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