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Hello again! It's been such a long time since my last "brs neocities" update. I hope the wait was worth what you're currently seeing. Stranded Star was something I have thought about since the day I first presented you with the original Neocities website. A website so professional looking, and adapts beautifully to any type of device (hello phone users!!!), and is a home for every Black Rock Shooter fan who's as obsessive and passionate as me. (and.. i fixed a LOT of inaccurate information... sorry for that one)

Stranded Star is definitely going to expand down the road to be just a bit more than what it currently is, but I'm so so proud of what I have to show you now.

First thing first, you probably noticed the lack of translated official news posts, and that's because that was a really big project to do, to translate so many posts and triple check them, reformat several old posts, and so much more was a lot of work to spit out all at once. The goal for now is for me to write news posts of my own, making posts about official content, and to be able to get the honor of posting about other fan projects, along with eventually going through the old news catalog and translate all of them to the best of my ability.

Along with that another update I want to do down the line is a more detailed products page. For now I wanted to cover the main GSC figures and such, but eventually I want to have  a subsection in the products for non-figure merch (not All of  the merch though because that goes really really deep...) (also!! would like to add there are several pieces of merch missing from the new GSC website, most worrying ones being the missing figma IBRS and no page for the first BRS scale figure, great job GSC!)

This project has taken a lifetime of energy and effort and passion to put together, and there are also some people I wish to give my gratitude to, so please once you're done here be sure to check out the about page.

It's been so much fun to be part of this community, and with the publication of this website I'd like to be able to come back online to interact more, I love this community with my whole heart and I hope this is a great gift to all of you. Here's to making this site the most wonderful home it can be!

- Ash

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