The State of Black Rock Shooter: June 2024



With the shutdown of Fragment earlier this year, the Black Rock Shooter franchise has been fairly stagnant, with no new media projects having been announced since Fragment was originally announced 2 years ago.

Luckily there is still some noise being heard out there, as companies are still working on merchandise. On April 21st 2024 Good Smile Company announced a new Black Rock Shooter plush to go with their newer line of plushies they've been starting, preorders were open until May 15th 2024 and they're expected to start shipping around November 2024.

On May 31st 2024, ENSOUTOYS gave an updated 3D preview on their Elishka scale figure, which is inspired by one of the original Fragment promotional arts. They still have yet to announce a preorder date.

Beyond those announcements, we still have other figures still in the works, but have not recieved any recent updates on them. 

Empress [Black Rock Shooter] & Black Trike: DAWN FALL Ver.

WING Insane Black Rock Shooter

Other than merch and official new projects, the Punishing: Gray Raven X Black Rock Shooter collab is currently ongoing in the Japanese version of the game until June 18th 2024, and has received positive reception from fans of both franchises.

Huke posted a tweet stating he could feel the passion the PGR staff has for BRS and knew he could trust them to make a great collaboration

It is said that this collab will come to the Global version of the game around September 2024.

Official Punishing: Gray Raven (Japanese) Twitter

Even through what has felt like silence there are still some things to look forward to, the passion and creativity of Black Rock Shooter fans remain vital, continue to keep the spirit of the franchise alive through your own creations and contributions!

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